[Gasification] Gasification Workshop This Weekend: 85 RSVPs, space for 15 more

jim mason jim at allpowerlabs.org
Thu Mar 29 03:46:45 CDT 2012

This weekend is looking to be our largest workshop ever.  85 RSVPs are
the most we've ever seen out front-- but we're ordering some more
chairs, coffee and bagels, so we can hold a few more.  The building
and associated resources will likely top out around 100 people.  That
leaves space for about 15 more of you.   Also, there are still two
slots left if you want to weld together a GEK Level III during the
workshop.   Write us a note if you are still planning on attending
and/or building, but have yet to tell us so.

The basic info and organization of the workshop is here in the gek
forum:  http://gekgasifier.com/forums/index.php/topic/747-gasification-workshop-weekend-march-30-april-1-berkeley-ca/

Ron Ohler and Andy Schofield got here yesterday from Michigan.  A day
later, the wood chipper works again, after two years of lack thereof.
We now have fuel.  Thank you Ron and Andy!  The Lister is scheduled to
yield next, though at the moment i have Ken distracted by the 100kw

Below are some new presentations we've recently added to the agenda.
In addition we have a DIY power pallet coming all the way down from
Canada, and some other homebuilt curiosities from around the nation
promised to show.

Join us if you can.



1.  Steve Feher, Executive Director and Sustainable Technologies
Laboratory (STL)Sustainable Community Development Institute (SCDI)
will be attending the Berkelely Workshop March 31-1. He and six of his
students will be bringing their small rice hull gasifier and a bunch
of rice hulls with the test set up they used to measure its heat
output. He says, "It's a fun set up, we can demonstrate it . . . and
our kids will tell a good story." They will be running their gasifier
and will be doing an informal presentation Saturday afternoon of the
"We just completed a very interesting set of experiments by the
students on measuring usable BTU output generated in our small rice
hulls gasifier," Steve states. He will be bringing up to 6 students to
the workshop to not only learn about gasification from our workshop,
but to teach us as well!

2. Nick and Charles over at Santa Fe Community College just as of this
week purchased a 10kW PowerPallet to assist in educating their
students about the technology of gasification. They are really excited
about incorporating the GEK Gasifier into their curriculum which fits
nicely with their other projects in algae, ethanol, and biodiesel.
They will be giving a presentation on their program and current
projects at their Biofuel Center of Excellence

>From their site: "The Biogas and Pyrolysis Module will provide a
history of gasification and pyrolysis, and an overview of
photosynthesis, the carbon cycle and biomass energy. Students will
study the biochemistry of anerobic digestion, pyrolysis, gasification
and the qualities of methane. Safety issues and OSHA compliance are
also included in the curriculum. The varieties of biogas applications
will be explored as well as common types of biogas plants. The
mechanics of gasification include how a system is designed and built,
how gas cleanup is handled and how to select the appropriate
feedstock. The economics section will explore market opportunities and
issues of scale."

3. Amanda Joy Ravenhill recently launched the Biochar Association of
the Bay Area and and will be presenting info about the new org during
the workshop.  They just had their first meeting in early March in San
Francisco, and are looking to gather the many interested locals for
biochar related endeavors.  Here's a bit from the meeting.

"We had a great discussion about the need for the association both to
get all Bay-Area biochar individuals together and to create a trade
association type organization for bay area biochar businesses. Though
we established a lens of focusing on the business-support side of
advocacy, the Association is still dedicated to public benefit. As the
biochar market grows we will all flourish. Though the BABA is centered
in the Bay Area the idea is not be to geographically exclusive. We
would like to offer businesses, individuals, non-profits and others
opportunities to engage with our programs and aim to act as
ambassadors for the Bay Area and all the unique resources that exist

Here again is the general schedule for the weekend.


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