[Gasification] Gasification Workshop This Weekend: 85 RSVPs, space for 15 more

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Thu Mar 29 06:45:02 CDT 2012


Sounds like a marvelous weekend and give my regards to all.  Meanwhile I'll hold the wood energy fort here on the East coast.

Tom Reed

Thomas B Reed 

On Mar 29, 2012, at 4:46 AM, jim mason <jim at allpowerlabs.org> wrote:

> This weekend is looking to be our largest workshop ever.  85 RSVPs are
> the most we've ever seen out front-- but we're ordering some more
> chairs, coffee and bagels, so we can hold a few more.  The building
> and associated resources will likely top out around 100 people.  That
> leaves space for about 15 more of you.   Also, there are still two
> slots left if you want to weld together a GEK Level III during the
> workshop.   Write us a note if you are still planning on attending
> and/or building, but have yet to tell us so.
> The basic info and organization of the workshop is here in the gek
> forum:  http://gekgasifier.com/forums/index.php/topic/747-gasification-workshop-weekend-march-30-april-1-berkeley-ca/
> Ron Ohler and Andy Schofield got here yesterday from Michigan.  A day
> later, the wood chipper works again, after two years of lack thereof.
> We now have fuel.  Thank you Ron and Andy!  The Lister is scheduled to
> yield next, though at the moment i have Ken distracted by the 100kw
> electronics.
> Below are some new presentations we've recently added to the agenda.
> In addition we have a DIY power pallet coming all the way down from
> Canada, and some other homebuilt curiosities from around the nation
> promised to show.
> Join us if you can.
> j
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> 1.  Steve Feher, Executive Director and Sustainable Technologies
> Laboratory (STL)Sustainable Community Development Institute (SCDI)
> will be attending the Berkelely Workshop March 31-1. He and six of his
> students will be bringing their small rice hull gasifier and a bunch
> of rice hulls with the test set up they used to measure its heat
> output. He says, "It's a fun set up, we can demonstrate it . . . and
> our kids will tell a good story." They will be running their gasifier
> and will be doing an informal presentation Saturday afternoon of the
> workshop.
> "We just completed a very interesting set of experiments by the
> students on measuring usable BTU output generated in our small rice
> hulls gasifier," Steve states. He will be bringing up to 6 students to
> the workshop to not only learn about gasification from our workshop,
> but to teach us as well!
> http://www.scdinstitute.org/
> 2. Nick and Charles over at Santa Fe Community College just as of this
> week purchased a 10kW PowerPallet to assist in educating their
> students about the technology of gasification. They are really excited
> about incorporating the GEK Gasifier into their curriculum which fits
> nicely with their other projects in algae, ethanol, and biodiesel.
> They will be giving a presentation on their program and current
> projects at their Biofuel Center of Excellence
> (http://biofuels.gree...ining.sfcc.edu/).
> From their site: "The Biogas and Pyrolysis Module will provide a
> history of gasification and pyrolysis, and an overview of
> photosynthesis, the carbon cycle and biomass energy. Students will
> study the biochemistry of anerobic digestion, pyrolysis, gasification
> and the qualities of methane. Safety issues and OSHA compliance are
> also included in the curriculum. The varieties of biogas applications
> will be explored as well as common types of biogas plants. The
> mechanics of gasification include how a system is designed and built,
> how gas cleanup is handled and how to select the appropriate
> feedstock. The economics section will explore market opportunities and
> issues of scale."
> 3. Amanda Joy Ravenhill recently launched the Biochar Association of
> the Bay Area and and will be presenting info about the new org during
> the workshop.  They just had their first meeting in early March in San
> Francisco, and are looking to gather the many interested locals for
> biochar related endeavors.  Here's a bit from the meeting.
> "We had a great discussion about the need for the association both to
> get all Bay-Area biochar individuals together and to create a trade
> association type organization for bay area biochar businesses. Though
> we established a lens of focusing on the business-support side of
> advocacy, the Association is still dedicated to public benefit. As the
> biochar market grows we will all flourish. Though the BABA is centered
> in the Bay Area the idea is not be to geographically exclusive. We
> would like to offer businesses, individuals, non-profits and others
> opportunities to engage with our programs and aim to act as
> ambassadors for the Bay Area and all the unique resources that exist
> here."
> Here again is the general schedule for the weekend.
> http://gekgasifier.com/forums/index.php/topic/747-gasification-workshop-weekend-march-30-april-1-berkeley-ca/
> Jim
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