[Gasification] WoodGas Campstove

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If that happens I hope the material of the pyrolisis chamber will be more 
robust. The stove that I bought a few years ago failed in a matter of months 
of intermittent use (a couple of times a week). The metal disintegrated 
below the ring of secondary air holes. I did not have a use for the char, so 
I was burning it to ash. I assume that the stove would have lasted longer if 
I had been stopping it at the end of the pyrolisis phase, but I was not 
aware at the time of the greater stress on the material, and the product 
literature did not suggest that burning the char in the stove would shorten 
the stove's life.

For fuel I was using a mix of combustible materials from my household waste 
stream. These were not necessarily well matched to the stove design, so I 
often had trouble keeping the stove alight, and was operating it more as a 
fire in a bucket than as a TLUD. I guess that this too will have contributed 
to its early demise. But I would have hoped that the material would be 
capable of withstanding these conditions.

Robert Taylor

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> Tony and all,
> Currently the production of the units (5000 were sold) has stopped in 
> India, and the control over the product is back in the hands of the 
> originators, who are looking into alternative ways to restart the supply 
> lines.
> When some become available again, I will inform the Gasification List Serv 
> as well as the Stoves Listserv.
> Paul
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