[Gasification] Fluidised bed reactor

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Thanks. I had forgotten the Kalle charcoal gasifier Has anyone built one in recent years to verify the performance?

Flue gas is sometimes recycled in a fluidized bed combustor to control peak temperatures to prevent slagging and NOx emissions. I haven’t gasified charcoal in a fluidized bed. 


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> By injecting exhaust into the gasifier you are recycling a lot of
> inert gas (CO2, N2) and very little heat

..hum, you wanna take a closer look at how the Källe gasifier
recycled 18% of the engine exhaust gas to save ~20% fuel, and
how that recycled heat made the gasifier run cooler. ;o)

..chk http://www.hotel.ymex.net/~s-20222/gengas/kg_eng.html

..I see the Källe gasifier ran 17%, a type of wood gasifier 
used Norway (or Finland?) used 18%, good starting points for
further research.

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