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Nothing is that sensible. With retail garden products, and especially on
eBay, weight and value go out the window. It's whatever the customer
(sucker?) will pay for a package. Garden products are usually sold by
volume, not weight.  


Take the 5 gallon bucket of biochar that weighs 17 lbs. The blend is 25
lb/ft3 (17 lb/0.67 ft3). If the biochar is about 8 lb/ft3 and the additive,
say compost, is 42 lb/ft3 then that's a ~50:50 blend by weight. Is it worth
$56? Sip the KoolAid and pay the $56 to support your biochar curiosity.
There are some very good biochar-compost blends that sell for far less. 


I like the Biochar "charflakes" at $129/5 gal or $65/2 gal. $192/ft3
(>$5,000 CY) or $240/ft3? (That 5 gal plastic bucket must be worth more than
$2 that I pay.) 


I'll take the 40lb bag for $33 ($0.83/lb). That must be a misprint. The same
supplier wants  $1.80/lb for 10 lb and 2.60/lb for 5 lb. 


We don't really know what portion or how much of a market these retail
garden products represent but several sharp marketers are taking advantage
of it. If you are willing to do the packaging and sales and get a lot more
than $1/ft3 then you are at the head of the class. 


At least eBay makes it easy to find these things on the internet.





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So, if the charcoal is mixed with compost does some of the compost and water
add to the wieght of the charcaol sold?

Business Model:
Grass compost + moisture + charcoal = X amount of $$$ per pound  ????

Here's a 5 gallon bucket of biochar for a cool $129.00:

And more examples:


On 12/01/2013 06:57 PM, Tom Miles wrote:

There is a lot of creative marketing going on with biochar. There is a wide
range of quality. Prices range from $0.35/lb to $2/lb with most selling
between $0.75-$1.00/lb ex plant.  


Updraft gasifiers (>10 MWth) have been good sources of char for one biochar
wholesaler/broker. Char is usually conditioned with  compost or inoculated
before it reaches the final customer. As nearly as we can tell a few
thousand tons of char was traded in the US in the last year. 



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