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Dear Tom
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I liked that as well. Do we have any idea what "gasification" scheme they are using? They say they have a gasifier and that they are making high hydrogen but they carefully avoided showing any useful pictures of the reactor. We see a lot of gauges and pipe fittings in these videos. 

# It seems that they go out of their way to avoid telling how their "project" works, and what it does.  The Project may be as trivial as a "learning experience" , OR it may have substance. The frequent insertion of the "Company Name" hints that this might be an "Investor Relations Presentation" where the success of the project would be determined simply by how much stock is sold. Does anybody know anything about the Company, and the people behind it?

# Firstly, they have a market for "Waste Heat", for district heating, which could make overall economics interesting. Secondly, they seem to be associated with a wood products company, offering "dried wood chips" for sale. They don't tell the fuel they are using ... it may be purchased fuel, OR it might be a waste disposal product, which would markedly change the economics.

# They don't say much about the extent of "HHO Production". Is it 10% or 90% of project energy requirements? Electrolytic production of Hydrogen and Oxygen is rather inefficient, and is very unlikely to be economically sensible when the final products are simply intended for recombination for energy release. Intermediate to small systems would be expected to have an electrolyzer efficiency of about 70%, and power generation about 25%, for an overall efficiency of about 18%. 

# There are hints that the Project might be part of a larger integrated process. What is done under these circumstances may be totally impractical as a "stand-alone" technology. 




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I love the last 10 seconds of the video


This plant is not designed to be repaired - it is designed to run smoothly.


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Thomas Koch






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