[Gasification] Aquaculture was Pine char gasification

Kevin C kchisholm at ca.inter.net
Fri Dec 27 05:35:52 CST 2013


Quoting Tom Miles <tmiles at trmiles.com>:

> KC>>One possible name they may have had for the "black goop" from  
> oxbow lakes and
> aquaculture site,s that they may have spread on their croplands, may
> have been "Fish Manure."
> A practice that we did see but the water was pumped into a pond from  
> the Amazon. The fish manure from the pond was spread on the land.  
> All used to replenish the TP land. Not claimed as a traditional  
> practice. The farmer had to deal with the occasional piranha pumped  
> from the river.

# Merely "pumping water from the Amazon" is far different from  
collecting the waste from fish raised in a "contained" pond, and  
spreading it on the fields for the intended purpose of adding  
nutrients to the soil. It is important to know the "fish poo density"  
in the water. Obviously, 1 pound of fish poo per gallon would be  
expected to have a far more observable effect on plant growth than  
would a "fish poo density" of 1 pound per 1,000 gallons.

# I would not expect the Farmer to have had much of a problem in his  
fields with Piranhas that went through an irrigation pump. They would  
be well macerated, and would actually be a benefit to his crops.  
Macerated Piranhas would provide nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorous to  
his crops.

> Tom

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