[Gasification] Chip Guillotine was Re: Wood heating in the UK - whole log gasification

Jeff Davis jeffdavis0124 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 16:51:05 CST 2013

Hi Paul,

Traveling in the winter is the most difficult time of the year for me or 
even greeting people here (North West PA). Also, some time is needed to 
start any project so I propose we keep our (most) communication on this 
list where others can participate if they so desire.

I travel to Indiana to participate in a few guitar events so maybe one 
of those times I could head over your way and or, in the non-winter, you 
might be in my neighborhood.

For the most part it's an easy fab project. The disc is about 1 foot in 
dia. An old saw blade might be too thin. Maybe an old sprocket or maybe 
I could sub that out or flame cut it from stock. I think mild steel 
would be fine to start with. Maybe a field disc but they are not flat.

Hmmm, the more I think about it, subing it out, might be a bad idea 
because you'll want a design that is doable in a 3rd world environment.

Bottom line - it's a deal.


On 12/29/2013 01:35 PM, Paul Anderson wrote:
> Jeff,
> I am interested in your efforts.   How can I be of assistance?   I 
> live in central Illinois, but will be gone all of January with trips 
> to Africa and then to the ETHOS stove meeting in Seattle.
> When we have something working satisfactorily, I can have it 
> replicated in several countries where we want such fuel processing for 
> TLUD stoves.
> Paul 

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