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That sounds like something that should be converted to a product for the
consumer heating or barbeque markets. Toast and bag the chunks. Products
from Texas come to mind. 




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List and Tom, 


I have a customer in sawmilling that has amassed a large volume of air dried
hardwood slab and pallet slats. All are debarked. 


I could potentially make an automated machine for making chunks for
gasification fuel and or firewood in a rather high quantity.   We have
enough space to torrify if a high value use exist in the US midwest, North


STC would gladly work with interested parties in two stage
gasification-reformation, supplying both equipment for maximizing H2 and
hardwood processed wood bio-fuel.  


Does anyone know of a buyer for dry, chunked, bark free fuel (or torrified)
near North Indiana?


Toby Seiler

Seiler Technical Company


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