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Thomas Deerfield thomas at dalsonenergy.com
Fri Oct 11 13:01:59 CDT 2013

 Dalson Energy

Announces Major Changes


Thomas and Louise Deerfield are proud to announce that Jeremy Rogers is the new President and co-owner of Dalson Energy, Inc.

Jeremy has years of renewable energy background through his other company, Higher Ground Energy Solutions, Inc. Jeremy has worked together with Thomas and Louise on various projects for the last couple of years. We are confident that Dalson will continue to serve its clients and partners well under the energetic guidance of Jeremy, and the Dalson Team.

Thomas and Louise are responding to family health issues. We found the ideal person to continue Dalson’s mission in Jeremy, with his passion for and dedication to renewable energy and to Alaska. His abbreviated bio is below.


Thomas Deerfield



Jeremy Rogers, President

907 414-5059


jeremy at dalsonenergy.com

(new email address)


Dalson Energy, Inc

851 E. Westpoint Dr. Suite 210

Wasilla, Alaska  99654


Jeremy Rogers Bio


Having grown up in Fairbanks, Jeremy Rogers is a life long Alaskan, who has participated in numerous solar and biomass projects.  Jeremy has been a renewable energy executive since 2006.  He started with hands-on experience in personally managing the design and construction of a biodiesel refinery with an annual production capacity of 3 million gallons.  He has consulted and/or managed renewable energy projects and heat distribution strategies in 15 countries including Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark as well as rural Alaska.  Since 2009, Mr. Rogers and his company, Higher Ground Energy Solutions, Inc. have maintained a successful working relationship with some of the largest utilities within Scandinavia, and have provided expertise related to biomass utilities and their operations, feasibility, and construction.  Jeremy has managed several startups including Higher Ground Energy Solutions, (HGES).  With his brother/business partner they have taken HGES from conception to growth and have managed offices located in China, Brazil, India, and the US with annual revenues exceeding $50 million.  Jeremy is an active participant in climate change and energy summits and has attended forums in Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Thomas Deerfield
Louise Deerfield

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