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Hi all (first reply),


GFWHELL - If you were referring to the Ultimate Analysis table, you'll need
to shift all of the numbers in the right columns down one row. 

There must have been a mistake when converting the file to pdf.

Also, the Proximate and Ultimate analysis are of the fuel, not the process
gas. This is why Nitrogen levels are not high - they aren't affected by the
gasification air at this stage.


Hope this helps - interesting none the less!






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This system seems to be using "atmospheric air' for Pyrolysis,  The gas
produced seems to contain a remarkably low content of nitrogen and a very
high sulphur content. is this a "typo"









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Effect of Moisture Content on Gasification Efficiency in Down Draft Gasifier


Hitesh Kumar, Dr Prashant Baredar, Dr Pankaj Agrawal, Dr S.C.Soni[


Abstract :- Biomass gasification is used to generate producer gas for the
sustainable development. Now a days down draft

gasifier is most widely used due to its characteristics like non production
of tar production. Presently in India, few biomass

based power plants are in use because of lack of knowledge and promotional
policies of Government. Proper knowledge is

essential for the smooth operation of biomass based power plant in full
capacity. The main objective of the present study is

to focus on the effect of moisture content on the gasification efficiency
out of several influencing parameters of gasification



International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology  (ISSN :
2277-1581) Volume No.3 Issue No.4, pp : 411-413 1 April 2104




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