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Fri Jan 3 12:42:20 CST 2014

To all,

Hydrogy LLC (Dr. Lixiong Li), Inova Energy LLC, in concert with Gulf Coast
State College have begun the testing phase of a DOE SBIR grant that was
initiated in July.  Part of our proposal was the production of biocoal as
a fossil coal surrogate and biochar as a byproduct.  As we approach the
end of phase I and prepare our phase II proposal, we would like to
interview fossil coal users and survey their opinions regarding the solid
fuel marketplace and the potential for biocoal as a fossil coal
alternative.  Any suggestions or guidance from bioenergylists members
would be much appreciated.  We are most interested in being directed to
fossil coal users (particularly, grid-connected facilities) so that we may
survey participants in our target market. However, we welcome comments
from everyone, including those involved with biochar.  Our most pertinent
questions are listed below:

•   Do the advantages/benefits of biocoal fulfill the critical needs of a
fossil coal user?

•   Would a fossil coal user pay a higher price point in order to gain the
advantages/benefits of biocoal?

•   What advantage/benefit of biocoal has the greatest appeal to a fossil
coal user?

•   What disadvantage/challenge of biocoal presents the greatest hurdle to
the acceptance of biocoal as a fossil coal alternative?

The following link provides an overview of biocoal


Best wishes to all exploring bioenergy,

Kenny Redd

Inova Energy LLC

Panama City, FL

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