[Gasification] Chunking wood for small scale biochar production, fotos !

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See http://www.gasification.bioenergylists.org/uhlejensenchopper

> Hello chunkers,
> For small manual chunking devices I cannot help much, but I see that there
is also some interest in more mecanized solutions.
> At least in Europe you can still find many of the old Jensen woodchoppers
with 6 and 12 cm long chunks produced and up to15 cm diameter.
> I remember putting a series of fotos on the list some years ago, perhaps
on the bioenergy list. 
> Have a good year!
> Rolf
> Enviado desde Samsung tabletDavid Coote <dccoote at mira.net> escribió:An
inexpensive tool to chunk efficiently wood for small scale biochar 
> production would be very handy. I have loads of waste woody biomass on 
> my farm. There's no community scale biomass energy plants in the 
> northern hemisphere sense in Gippsland (SE corner of Australia) so no 
> local markets of this nature for the material. This may change in the 
> next few years but in the interim I'd like to make some char as a 
> weekend project. One of my nephews is a qualified boiler maker with 
> tickets for various specialist welding techniques. He's interested in 
> building a small char system. This would probably be similar to the 
> popular 44 gallon drum with internal retort (so an indirect 
> implementation) but using a better quality steel so a bit longer 
> lasting. And we'll lag the drum, put a safety enclosure around it and so
> One of the challenges of trying to do this beyond a hobby approach is 
> chunking the material to be used for  combustion and char. I haven't got 
> time to lovingly handcarve the feedstock into the appropriate size and 
> form. Using an axe, saw, firewood splitter, bypass pruners would all be 
> possible for different sized feedstocks (windthrow, prunings, thinnings, 
> harvest residue etc) albeit labour intensive.  Something like an old 
> chaff cutter would be very useful for some feedstocks. I think there are 
> some commercial chunkers that would do what I want but they are 
> prohibitively expensive
> David
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