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I totally endorse your comments.

And I  assume your question is of a rhetorical nature, but here’s THE answer, in my opinion:

Politicians who need to get re-elected are afraid to come even close to commenting about  the size of the population.  It’s because the “other side” will immediately throw “motherhood and apple pie” at them, proclaiming them either abortionists, killers of children, anti-catholic,  genocide supporters or  proponents of mass Euthanasia of old people. 

The idea of even suggesting that families even  CONSIDER having only two children will only get them in trouble.


As far as I am concerned, the ecologists are fighting a losing battle no matter WHAT they do, if they look at population estimates out into the future---- unless they consider what you have mentioned.


Hard to argue with the logic presented here:




Pete Stanaitis



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Why is it that these discussions, which do suggest many good Climate Change mitigation techniques, never mention reducing the size of the global human population? It is the size of the population which uses current Industrial Age technology that is accelerating greenhouse gas accumulation. Besides, if the population were smaller then its impact on the ecosystem would also be reduced.  


It isn't just ocean acidification or poor land use planning that is decimating aquatic and terrestrial species - the economies designed to feed us have built an industrial fishing and farming system. Growing urban populations are to blame for shrinking water resources and agricultural lands.


Even when we do come together to fight climate change the pressure of such a large human population will require that any solution will have to be built to size. A smaller population would reduce the size of the solutions implemented.


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