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Wed May 6 01:59:32 CDT 2015

Hi Jeff,

If you are talking about an air filter, it depends on the amount of dust that can be ingested. Anything over 2 micron is a wear particle in oil, the exception might be carbon dust if from a charcoal gasifier. If you are using it for a final gas filter, anything over "about" 15 micron is most likely to impact on the bends of the inlet manifold, so in the end you need a filter that can reduce the nuisance factor of blocked manifolds. Possibly you don't see any collected solids which is a great thing, but traditionally charcoal filters were just cotton fabric bags.

Don't forget the oil though, as that will blacken up very quickly if sub-micron carbon dust is present.
Hope this might be of some help.
Doug Williams,

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> Dear List,
> I'm using a 30 micron final filter. What micron size is prudent for a final
> filter?
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> Jeff
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