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 Zero Micron. The chairman of a major filter manufacturing company stood at the end of an engine exhaust cleaning system where the exhaust was smoky and then it was turned on and became clean with no visible emissions and no media in the gas stream and he was dazzled.?
Any solid (porous) media in the gas stream will eventually foul and have to be replaced. To see this in action, there are videos available which will be migrated to our new website shortly for viewing. One was created by a DoE contractor for conversion of tires to clean energy.?
	There are a series of existing gasifier systems which Thermogenics will be retrofitting with the right gas cleaning technology to make them serviceable. Any solid, spray liquid, high temperature ceramic is a waste of time and effort and was discarded by Thermogenics in the 1980's.?
Leland T. "Tom" Taylor
Thermogenics Inc.?

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  Dear List,
 I'm using a 30 micron final filter. What micron size is prudent for a final filter?


 "Once an owner has got used to charcoal gas he will never revert to the more expensive fuels", Geo Bray
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