[Gasification] CO from wood pellets?

David Macpherson dmac at hevac.ltd.uk
Mon May 18 09:19:13 CDT 2015

Hi Pete
CO build up is caused from the wood/chip/pellet decomposing over a period of time

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“does anyone have any idea why there is a CO buildup?”
----Or—IF the CO build up was actually FROM the pellets.

Pete Stanaitis

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Thank you Ronald,

lucky there were no more deaths in this instance. Twice in my working life I have done confined spaces courses and heard the stories of rescuers dying also.

does anyone have any idea why there is a CO buildup?

Jason Stewart

On Sun, May 17, 2015 at 9:22 PM, Ronald Hongsermeier <rwhongser at web.de<mailto:rwhongser at web.de>> wrote:
Hi Groups,

something interesting to pay attention to with respect to pellet transport:


Ronald von Riechtschönhier

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