[Gasification] Fwd: Gasifier Pressure Based Analysis

Mano Va gmmanovassm at gmail.com
Wed May 27 07:56:06 CDT 2015

Dear Sir

I have doubt on gasifier Pressure based analysis

I designed pressure mode down draft Gasifier model

Maintained Gas outlet pressure 300mm WC (400'C)

After Cooling and cleaning process Gas outlet pressure 150 mm WC

Final Boiler application Required 600 mm WC Pressure

My problem is

1.I increase pressure from gasifier side(Temperature raised more) Gsifier
inside insulation and inner ash screw's are melted and clinker formed
inside the gasifier

2.Pressure drop increase the Gas Cooling and Cleaning System efficiency
from gasifier back fired

3.suppose i add blower  after cooling and cleaning means i can manage to
end application but gas cooling and cleaning is affected

4.Is there any adding buffer tank its possible to solve the problem

Please provide the better solution for this

Thank you

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