[Gasification] Fwd: Gasifier Pressure Based Analysis

shivanand at infiniteenergyindia.com shivanand at infiniteenergyindia.com
Thu May 28 02:45:21 CDT 2015

Mr Manova,

 From what I can understand, your problems you faced are related to 
running the gasifier at twice its capacity, and not due to increased 

Originally the pressure at the burner was 150 mmWC & not the rated 600 
mmWC. This means the gas flow is about 50% of the rated flow.

You will have to use a gasifier of double the existing capacity to 
overcome your problems.


Shivanand Ramachandran
Infinite Energy Pvt Ltd

To get the desd flow, you increased

On 2015-05-27 18:26, Mano Va wrote:
> Dear Sir 
> I have doubt on gasifier Pressure based analysis
> I designed pressure mode down draft Gasifier model
> Maintained Gas outlet pressure 300mm WC (400'C)
> After Cooling and cleaning process Gas outlet pressure 150 mm WC
> Final Boiler application Required 600 mm WC Pressure 
> My problem is 
> 1.I increase pressure from gasifier side(Temperature raised more)
> Gsifier inside insulation and inner ash screw's are melted and clinker
> formed inside the gasifier 
> 2.Pressure drop increase the Gas Cooling and Cleaning System
> efficiency from gasifier back fired
> 3.suppose i add blower  after cooling and cleaning means i can manage
> to end application but gas cooling and cleaning is affected
> 4.Is there any adding buffer tank its possible to solve the problem
> Please provide the better solution for this
> Thank you 
> Manova
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