[Gasification] Biomass briquettes used in updraft gasifier

Mohammed Hossein tree.kx at gmail.com
Wed May 27 17:31:51 CDT 2015

Hello Mr. Miles,

I am from Pakistan and we run a biomass briquetting plant . We use wood
waste and sugar cane bagasse to make cylindrical briquettes which are 30mm
in dia and length around 100-150mm, The bulk density is near 650kg/M3. The
heat value is around 4300kcal/kg

We would like to know from the participants in list whether they have used
biomass briquettes on fixed bed updrafts on any process heating
application. Our installation is alongside a ceramic tile unit which uses a
fixed bed updraft gasifier using thermal coal to gasifiy, puriofy and run
the kiln around 1200-1250 C.

Would love to hear from you guys


Umer Hussain
KX Power
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