[Gasification] Coal Gasification

hugh hugh at austrop.org.au
Sat May 30 03:37:49 CDT 2015

Problem is

Gassifying coal, produces coke - carbon + mineral content - it is not 
the same as charcoal - especially from a soil perspective. In fact it 
can be quite toxic. (As a young boy - if we couldn't get galena (PbS) 
crystals (to function as rectifying diodes in crystal sets) we used coke 
(which was everywhere in the 50's) - which worked quite well - go figger....


On 30/05/15 4:42 PM, Anand Karve wrote:
> Dear Mr. Jain,
> What is the maximum tolerable limit of ash in the coal to be used in
> your gasifier?There exists a vast potential for making charcoal from
> agricultural waste, but the  ash content is rather high (between 30
> and 35%) in this charcoal because of the high silica content in the
> waste.
> Yours
> A.D.Karve
> ***
> Dr. A.D. Karve

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