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Dear Hugh,
I thought that coal gas was produced by introducing steam into burning
coal, which produces a mixture of CO and H2. This type of combustible
gas can be produced even from charcoal.  It is quite clean and
absolutely without any tar, I was under the impression that the gas
that Mr. Jain refered to was of this type. If that is not the case,
then it is obvious that charcoal cannot be used in his gasifier.

On 5/30/15, hugh <hugh at austrop.org.au> wrote:
> Problem is
> Gassifying coal, produces coke - carbon + mineral content - it is not
> the same as charcoal - especially from a soil perspective. In fact it
> can be quite toxic. (As a young boy - if we couldn't get galena (PbS)
> crystals (to function as rectifying diodes in crystal sets) we used coke
> (which was everywhere in the 50's) - which worked quite well - go
> figger....
> Hugh
> On 30/05/15 4:42 PM, Anand Karve wrote:
>> Dear Mr. Jain,
>> What is the maximum tolerable limit of ash in the coal to be used in
>> your gasifier?There exists a vast potential for making charcoal from
>> agricultural waste, but the  ash content is rather high (between 30
>> and 35%) in this charcoal because of the high silica content in the
>> waste.
>> Yours
>> A.D.Karve
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>> Dr. A.D. Karve
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