[Gasification] Coal Gasification

hugh hugh at austrop.org.au
Sat May 30 04:54:29 CDT 2015

Not when I was a youngster (I used to haunt gasworks as a 'young 
scientist'  - every large town in E Australia had one). - Strictly 
'destructive distillation' of coal - with just enough air to keep the 
process going ... no steam that I was aware of.. (producer gas) - lots 
of phenols and other aromatics - and it was all passed through iron 
oxide to remove sulphur.  Remains were coke - (clinker) which still had 
a lot of carbon - used for heating fuel and for industry - steel making  
(hence coking ovens for steelworks - most of the gas from those I think 
was wasted).

Hugh (the smell lingers..)

On 30/05/15 7:23 PM, Anand Karve wrote:
> Dear Hugh,
> I thought that coal gas was produced by introducing steam into burning
> coal, which produces a mixture of CO and H2. This type of combustible
> gas can be produced even from charcoal.  It is quite clean and
> absolutely without any tar, I was under the impression that the gas
> that Mr. Jain refered to was of this type. If that is not the case,
> then it is obvious that charcoal cannot be used in his gasifier.
> Yours
> A.D.Karve
> On 5/30/15, hugh<hugh at austrop.org.au>  wrote:
>> Problem is
>> Gassifying coal, produces coke - carbon + mineral content - it is not
>> the same as charcoal - especially from a soil perspective. In fact it
>> can be quite toxic. (As a young boy - if we couldn't get galena (PbS)
>> crystals (to function as rectifying diodes in crystal sets) we used coke
>> (which was everywhere in the 50's) - which worked quite well - go
>> figger....
>> Hugh

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