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Tom, when I went through the zoning variance procedure, I stated on record that my intent was to slowly develop alternative technologies. I cited my past research work with solar thermal greenhouses, and sustainable horticulture. Even though the city will be disappointed I stay just out of reach of their permits,  I will do what I can to be a supportive citizen, even though I don't live there.  I find it really often comes down to not irritating anyone enough to send them on a hunt to take you down.  One advantage for me is that in Fairborn zoning, landscaping and greenhouses are both considered agriculture activity. Where I was in Beavecreek, landscaping was considered a business, and my greenhouse anchored the agriculture zoning. I'm not opposed to getting a few chickens and or a horse or two. I'm sure that if I built an unpermitted  >20 KW solar array, the city electrical inspector would protest. By building a bunch of small independent systems its no different than some  off- grid cabins. Same with windmills. Low profile is the name of the game.  When I start to make charcoal develop woodgas systems you will know I hit my stride.  I'm growing quite a few Hedgeapple, Walnut, Ash and scrub Dogwood trees. Clearing invasive Amure Honeysuckle brush.  All make dense charcoal.  My neighbors are co-operative so far. - Dan Dimiduk 

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