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A few other points.  I learned about agriculture jurisdiction from observing Mennonites and Amish. There are very practical reasons they don't connect to the grid or municipal water or sewer. Its not only about religion, its about freedom to live in a simple way. They also live in townships, which have nearly zero jurisdiction over agriculture land. Unfortunately, I have a city to deal with. I try to keep a very low profile. My whole operation is hidden from the road. I only cut trees as needed, keeping very little showing on Google Earth summer views. It also keeps my lot cool in summer and a very productive small forest. My neighbors are: a remote city park, a nature preserve, a cornfield owned by a large piglet operation, and one old couple I get along with . My more permanent buildings such as a garage, will appear to be temporary structures, also reducing my taxes. My toilet, shower, sink, even bed, are a self contained, licenced vacation trailer. My biggest risk of protest is my junk collection. When the old trucks get running and the greenhouse is reconstructed from piles of materials, things will look better. Anyone involved with sustainability who wants to stop by is welcome to brainstorm. Send me a personal E mail for info.  I will soon have this same conversation with the Stoves list. Tom, you just happened to catch me today with my one running truck in the shop. I've been too busy lately to be active on the lists like I used to be. I miss all you folks.;-) 

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