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No I haven't built a Kon Tiki, though have good contact with someone who 
operates one in Tasmania and who has nothing but praise for it. I would 
agree with your observations though. I have operated simple cones and 
also crude updraft 200 litre drum units I built in the late 90's which 
subsequently produced several tonnes of high quality char from both 
hardwood and softwood for a steel industry project.

Actually on reflection these drums are the simplest to build of all, 
will go through my archives when I get home and see if I can pull some 
photo's. (I seem to be spending my time in the cabin of a truck lately...)


On 5/10/2015 10:18 AM, Tom Miles wrote:
> Peter,
> Have you built and operated a Kon Tiki? It looks a lot more 
> complicated to build than the cone kiln by Dr. Ogawa or the Pyramid 
> kiln by Kelpie Wilson. I have seen no evidence that he charcoal is any 
> better with the kon tiki than the other two.
> I have two cone kilns that work fine.
> Tom

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