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Have you built and operated a Kon Tiki? It looks a lot more complicated to
build than the cone kiln by Dr. Ogawa or the Pyramid kiln by Kelpie Wilson.
I have seen no evidence that he charcoal is any better with the kon tiki
than the other two.


I have two cone kilns that work fine. 




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Hi Angie,

>From my notes you will have around 50 tonnes of shell. Probably the quickest
and easiest would be to build a deep cone Kon Tiki kiln
http://www.ithaka-institut.org/en/ct/101 where there is a link to a
presentation on the technology.

Below is an image of coconut char produced from one of our small round
hearth downdraft gasifiers optimised for both char and clean gas. This is a
from a pilot unit in the Pacific Islands undergoing trials. The image is
taken from the front with the char bin door removed, the top (narrowest
point) of the char column is the entry below the gasifier.

The unit gives around a 15% recovery on a dry basis, fixed carbon is >85%.
The coconut shell is crushed to average piece sizes of 30mm before feeding
to the gasifier.

All the best with your project.


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Hello all - Cheers from Bali!

I am part of a team developing various coconut products ranging from virgin
coconut oil, palm sugar, coconut flour, etc.etc.

We will be processing around 1 million coconuts this year and want to
effectively, efficiently, and affordably utilize the coconut shell as a
value add product.

Anyone have experience with making coconut charcoal? Or a step further,
making activated carbon with coconut shells?

In the future (year 2) we will be incorporating biomass gasification using
coconut shells, but for the upcoming year we are looking for solutions to
our coconut shell surplus.

Thanks in advance,




Peter Davies
Managing Director
ID Gasifiers Pty Ltd
Delegate River, Victoria
Ph: 0402 845 295
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