[Gasification] [Stoves] Request for proposals: Medical Waste Incinerator for Humanitarian Emergencies from Innocentive

Jason urepedese at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 15:30:09 CDT 2015

Hi Paul,

you are quite correct to point out about reading the fine print. For the
same reasons of compromising my intellectual property rights I did not
enter the woodstove retrofit challenge.

This was all explained to them in length, both in email and on the phone.
That is quite unfortunate because none of the finalists have combustion
improving technology, which is the category my IntensiFire falls into, but
simply different ways of dealing with stack emissions.

The prize of more testing didn't appear to be helpful in pushing the
technology toward certification either, testing is no good without an
objective to meet. I still have your counsel in my head Paul regarding

On a more philosophical note I will say that this scenario highlights the
weakness of science, considered by many to be the holy grail of
civilisation as we know it. A contest, or a stove test, is a bit like a
science experiment. The outcome of an experiment can only be as good as the
person that designed that experiment.  Add in a good dose of genuflection
and you have a new established "fact" or "winner" that could in fact be
highly questionable.

Kind Regards


On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 12:40 AM, Paul Anderson <psanders at ilstu.edu> wrote:

> To all,
> If you are considering doing this, you should first check the details
> about what you are giving up if you should happen to win.   This is akin to
> the Virgin Earth Challenge.   THEY end up with a set of rights and the
> proposer gets some money.   But if you do not win, they still have some
> lingering rights that you might not like.
> Paul
> Doc  /  Dr TLUD  /  Prof. Paul S. Anderson, PhD
> Email:  psanders at ilstu.edu
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> Website:  www.drtlud.com
> On 9/6/2015 6:15 AM, Michal Usowicz wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I thought this might be right up your guys' alley.  Innocentive is a
> website that organizations can post design challenges with rewards for
> proposals that they accept.  There was recently a post for a portable,
> durable medical waste incinerator.  Check it out if you think you may have
> a good contribution to make.
> https://www.innocentive.com/ar/challenge/9933340
> NOTE: I have nothing to do with this proposal/request.  I'm just
> forwarding it to you guys.
> Best,
> Michal Usowicz
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