[Gasification] Request for proposals: Medical Waste Incinerator for Humanitarian Emergencies from Innocentive

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Thanks for the lead. I wonder is anyone from this list has ever applied to this group? I find that their offerings are very cheap for what they are asking, notably the ownership of IP for a meager investment. I have submitted a couple of concepts but left out key components that could be patented and they turned it don as not having basically finished drawings. A multi-million dollar potential medical market and their reward was $35,000. 
This current offering type of device could also be funded by NIH, NSF, US AID, or the Gates Foundation which has expressed interest in some of Thermogenics' works.  
One should ask the question if a gasifier would qualify as incinerators are substantially different and somewhat less costly. The Department of Defense also has need for this type of device for larger throughputs, and has not been successful in their search since 2004. 


Leland T. "Tom" Taylor
Thermogenics Inc. 

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Hey everyone,   
I thought this might be right up your guys' alley.  Innocentive is a website that organizations can post design challenges with rewards for proposals that they accept.  There was recently a post for a portable, durable medical waste incinerator.  Check it out if you think you may have a good contribution to make.    
NOTE: I have nothing to do with this proposal/request.  I'm just forwarding it to you guys.      
Michal Usowicz     

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