[Gasification] [Stoves] Request for proposals: Medical Waste Incinerator for Humanitarian Emergencies from Innocentive

Peter Davies idgasifier at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 20:25:10 CDT 2015

Do I detect a strong trend of dissatisfaction at the unethical treatment 
of developers in general? I thought it was only in good old Oz downunder 
where you can sit down with "High Net Worth Individuals" and be told 
"Your system is worth billions in the global marketplace, all you have 
to do is give it to me...." or have Government agencies renege on 
contracts after successful outcomes so as to force you to accept new 
ones giving them your IP for it to be passed on to "preferred public 
partners to take the technology forward..." Yep been there, done that.

As to the requirement discussed we could meet it, and it has in fact 
informed some of our own design drivers since these are quite universal 
irrespective of the urgency of a particular need. Maybe soon we will get 
it out in the world under the right circumstances, or maybe it will take 
longer because of the economic parasites one has to deal with on a daily 
basis in this business, but the reality is the need whilst heightened by 
natural and sometimes man made events, it is in fact a daily one in any 
case; and if distributed power incorporating robust and scale 
appropriate biomass gasifiers became more universal the "disaster areas" 
would already have the tools embedded before the event.

Finally Mark, your question:

On 07/09/2015 09:18 AM, Mark Elliott Ludlow wrote:
> Anybody on this list make it on their own? Other than cutting and 
> welding and making good journeyman wages?
  We continue forward with a disproportionate sense of hope, and 
strengthening momentum supported by genuine technology and a cunning 
plan forged in response to past disappointments and the need to react 
differently to BAU or suffer the same outcomes again and again. So far 
it is working, but still early days and nothing can be taken for granted.

Cheers to the list.

Peter Davies
Managing Director
ID Gasifiers Pty Ltd
Delegate River, Victoria
Ph: 0402 845 295

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