[Gasification] Producer Gas issues in a baking oven

Srinivas Nuti nuti.srinivas1 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 08:43:09 CST 2016

Dear all,

We have installed an updraft gasifier of 8 TPD capacity using biomass
briquettes for substitution of LPG in a baking oven of temperature of 170 C.

The gasifier is air based atmospheric updraft. The producer gas generated
has successfully erected and commissioned.

But we have observed these issues in one out of 3 ovens while the other two
are working fine.

We have faced these problems with burner of third oven.
1) It ran for 6 days but later on the producer gas is not able to catch
fire at the burner end.
2) Due to lack of flame burner does not start.
3) We have installed tar condenser anticipating tar choke on burner nozzle,
but still no positive results.

Your guidance and experience on the same is highly appreciated.

with best regards,
Srinivas Nuti

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