[Gasification] Producer Gas issues in a baking oven

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Hi Srinivas

We run updraft gasifiers for similar duties.  You will be having an issue with your air/fuel ratio. The appropriate ratio for ignition can vary widely and ignition can even become impossible if the gas is allowed to cool significantly. For that reason the only way to ensure ignition is to ignite it immediately in exit from the gasifier and supply enough air to keep it burning. That means your piping from the gasifier to the burner will experience temperatures in the region of 600 - 1300 deg C (preferably under 1000 deg C controlled by means of air:fuel ratio). That means you want short piping and in most cases you need to actively cool the pipe with water or air so that it is not destroyed by the heat. If you use air cooling, that air can be used in your oven.

When you do this you never have to worry about tars, because they are fully combusted. You also don't need to worry about having an actual a burner head.  See 45 seconds into the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h3B3APYefs 

Allowing the gases from an updraft gasifier to cool is asking for choked off-gas piping. Throughout history this experience has been had many many times.




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Dear all,

We have installed an updraft gasifier of 8 TPD capacity using biomass briquettes for substitution of LPG in a baking oven of temperature of 170 C.

The gasifier is air based atmospheric updraft. The producer gas generated has successfully erected and commissioned.

But we have observed these issues in one out of 3 ovens while the other two are working fine.

We have faced these problems with burner of third oven.
1) It ran for 6 days but later on the producer gas is not able to catch fire at the burner end.
2) Due to lack of flame burner does not start.
3) We have installed tar condenser anticipating tar choke on burner nozzle, but still no positive results.

Your guidance and experience on the same is highly appreciated.

with best regards,
Srinivas Nuti

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