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Hi Philip,

Your question is really in several parts:

1. If you are referring to waste water containing sewage sludge, then 
yes you will have the gas present.

2. Untreated Sewage gas (to clarify which syngas you are talking about) 
cannot be fed directly into engines without at least a scrubber between 
the gasometer storage and engine.

3. The gas calorific value of 120-150 Btu/scf is perfectly adequate to 
run an engine and does not need boosting.

4. The technology you seek is already employed at many City Sewage 
plants, generating power to run the plant.

5. I suggest you find working installations, there must be quite a few 
in the USA.

Can I ask you why you or your organization think this is by your 
question, unknown technology?


Doug Williams.

On 23/09/18 07:49, tmiles at trmiles.com wrote:
> Can untreated syngas generated from municipal wastewater sludge be 
> used directly to generate power?  It is my understanding that the 
> heating value of untreated syngas (120 – 150 But/scf), is too low to 
> feed directly to engines and that some type of post treatment to boost 
> the heating value to 190 -200 is typically economically prohibitive.  
>  Any information on such post treatment and an case studies were this 
> has been done would be appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Philip Pedros
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