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Doug doug.williams.nz at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 20:34:40 CDT 2018

Hi Harrie,

Looks like I have been not receiving the Gasification List, probably 
since that project in the Philippines was posted, thinking everyone had 
changed choice of forum!

Answers in the text.

On 23/09/18 09:18, Harrie Knoef wrote:
> Very nice to hear from you Doug . Really appreciated.
> I still work for a lot of students in the Netherlands and Germany, but 
> mostly in Africa. That's my passion
> I have a nice suprise for you.
> Some months ago there was a request about a gasification project in 
> the Philippines of you from which nobody would be intested into,,, 
> unless as a volunteer as I remember.
> I asked myself, why not?

Well if you considered it a Holiday, why not. A very hospitable country.
> I went as a short of volunteer, to help those people in a very remote 
> area.
> What better job can you do????
> I am working on a ferrocement project and further on building 
> employment in that remote are.

Pleased to see that the ferrocement gasifiers continue to be built, the 
perfect material in such remote places.

> Besides the ferrocement gasifier in the Philippines, I was involved in 
> the same design as in Thailand, Indonesia, Germany (that one was 
> frosen in the winter) , Argentina, Ghana.
> Except for Germany and Argentina all working. About Thailand I am not 
> very sure.

I haven't kept up with the implementation programme of these gasifiers, 
but when they were introduced for the Bremen University project, They 
certainly created a lot of interest. I often wonder what happened to all 
those guys who came to Bremen 1989-94, and how many are still involved 
> Dear Doug, conferences may be interesting but not contributing that's 
> much unless you are walking on the field, I was one month ago walking 
> a pineapple field in Kenya.

For me that is now out of the question, but for sure you have to be able 
to work with mud between your toes in rural situations. I have a 
interesting little project in New Zealand, supporting as adviser, to a 
research project requiring very controlled updraft gasification. Some 
might say, same old technology, but it's nothing like anything I have 
seen before, and maybe after we test the concept shortly, we will see if 
there still is innovation left to be discovered.
> Did you hear recently from Rod Newell?

Rod like many of our colleagues has vanished from my radar, I don't 
write as much as I used to these days, at least not about gasification, 
unless like you, pop up on this Gasification forum.

Hope you can keep us informed about the ferrocement projects, you should 
have some good photos to show of the work in progress.

Stay safe in your travels.

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