[Gasification] REGATEC 2019 and LFG Baltic - biogas, gasification, Power-to-gas and landfill gas

Harrie Knoef harrie at knoefconsultancy.com
Sat Sep 22 16:18:50 CDT 2018

Very nice to hear from you Doug . Really appreciated.

I still work for a lot of students in the Netherlands and Germany, but 
mostly in Africa. That's my passion

I have a nice suprise for you.

Some months ago there was a request about a gasification project in the 
Philippines of you from which nobody would be intested into,,, unless as a 
volunteer as I remember.

I asked myself, why not?

I went as a short of volunteer, to help those people in a very remote area.
What better job can you do????
I am working on a ferrocement project and further on building employment in 
that remote are.

Besides the ferrocement gasifier in the Philippines, I was involved in the 
same design as in Thailand, Indonesia, Germany (that one was frosen in the 
winter) , Argentina, Ghana.
Except for Germany and Argentina all working. About Thailand I am not very 

Dear Doug, conferences may be interesting but not contributing that's much 
unless you are walking on the field, I was one month ago walking a pineapple 
field in Kenya

Did you hear recently from Rod Newell?

With the kindest regards,


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Hi Harrie, and Gasification Colleagues,

Nice to hear you are still endeavoring to stay working Harrie, not
surprising really, gasification is an addiction once sniffed, few can
walk away from!

Having written the books, done the projects, taught those students in
our care, my hope for all our previous efforts, is that they now step
up, chosen to bring forward the next phases of biomass energy
implementation. Our work, provided their education and understanding,
and we fail, if they starting out, are not better equipped to work in a
future we will not live to see.

Expertise is always required, even in retirement, and when people really
need you, they will seek you out.

The conferences will be never ending, it's a lucrative business selling
people talking about potential,(:-)

Best Regards,

Doug Williams

Fluidyne (in retirement)

On 22/09/18 05:13, Harrie Knoef wrote:
> REGATEC 2019 and LFG Baltic - biogas, gasification, Power-to-gas and 
> landfill gas
> Hi Jorgen, again you do not seem to want me invited as a speaker.
> I have been working for the last 10 years in mostly African countries on 
> gasification and biogas plants. It could be a worhwhile contribution
> No worries and success with the conference
> Best regards,
> Harrie

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