[Digestion] parameter , besides the H2S contect, to check if the plant is running correctly

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 > I mean, does exist a paramater , besides the H2S contect, to check if 
the plant is running correctly?

More directly you can take a look at H2 in the biogas. (since 
sulfate-reducing organisms use H2, the production of H2S follows the 
peaks of H2 production with a retard, also H2S production depends on 
S-content in the substrate).

You also may take a look at this picture:

This shows a startup-phase of two pilot-scale digesters (started at the 
same time, fed with the same substrate). So H2 is very high in the 
beginning, since H2-utilising methanogenic bacteria grow slower. Around 
day 17 you see a change in H2 measurements caused by a disturbancein the 
influent. Also you can see every daily feed event leading to small H2 peaks.

Roughly said:  in an agricultural biogas plant running at normal 
conditions you will have 50-100 ppm H2 in the biogas.  At the latest if 
H2 rises above 400 ppm you should start to have a closer look what's 
going on.

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