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Prabhu Govindarajan prabhu.govvindarajan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 23:44:25 MDT 2014

Dear sir
         The following was my thought

  1.Can biofilms reduce H2S and ammonia in High Concentration Nitrogen
Substrate ?.Instead of having a separate filter for nitrification , can we
add it to the digester ?
  2.For a 50m3 Digester in Steel, Can we not coat the internal surface
which can act as both protective shield and act as biofilm support (Like a
poylurethane foam or Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol)
  3.For food waster digesters and other high solids substrates ,Can some
coating solve the clogging in the filters if used ?

This is just a thought , i have little experience in anaerobic digestion.


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