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Dear Mr. Prabhu,
 Biogas is produced under anaerobic conditions. Because the anaerobic
atmosphere is free from molecular oxygen, the microbes involved in
this reaction take up oxygen from the food that they get. Thus by
taking oxygen from carbohydrotes, sulphates and nitrates they convert
them respectively into methane (a hydrocarbon). H2S and NH3. I don't
think, that attaching them to a film would change the chemistry of the

On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 11:14 AM, Prabhu Govindarajan
<prabhu.govvindarajan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear sir
>          The following was my thought
>   1.Can biofilms reduce H2S and ammonia in High Concentration Nitrogen
> Substrate ?.Instead of having a separate filter for nitrification , can we
> add it to the digester ?
>   2.For a 50m3 Digester in Steel, Can we not coat the internal surface which
> can act as both protective shield and act as biofilm support (Like a
> poylurethane foam or Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol)
>   3.For food waster digesters and other high solids substrates ,Can some
> coating solve the clogging in the filters if used ?
> This is just a thought , i have little experience in anaerobic digestion.
> Thanks
> Prabhu.G
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