[Digestion] Slurry drier

Frans Somebody franshenn238 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 20:23:50 MDT 2014

Hi all.  For the record, failed in my first attempt! Had a bag made of
heavy 'sail' in South Africa, cost a lot! About 10m long X 1m high with
heat welded seams. It lasted less tha 24 hours and 1 of the seams burst.
What a mess!
Will now have to sandwhich all seams between 2 pieces of flat bar & try
We live, & hopefully learn from our mistakes.
Assuming I can get beyond the the next 24 hours! Can anyone out there shed
any light on, a) biogas from pure chicken droppings, ie from layers in
b) I desparately need a way to remove the excess water from the slurry.
(For the moment lets assume that cost is not a problem).
Any & all ideas would be most appreciated.
I do not have access to spare land, so lagoons or sun drying is out, nor
can I get sufficient vegitative, grass, etc
Please help
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