[Digestion] Slurry drier

Paul Harris harrisfm at aapt.net.au
Thu Apr 17 06:06:43 MDT 2014

G'day Frans,

I hope by now that someone has pointed out that chicken manure does NOT 
contain methanogens, so you will get CO2 but not biogas. You need to 
innoculate the digester with cow or pig manure then change to chicken 
manure in a couple of steps.

Good luck,

Mr Paul Harris

On 12/04/2014 11:53 AM, Frans Somebody wrote:
> Hi all.  For the record, failed in my first attempt! Had a bag made of 
> heavy 'sail' in South Africa, cost a lot! About 10m long X 1m high 
> with heat welded seams. It lasted less tha 24 hours and 1 of the seams 
> burst. What a mess!
> Will now have to sandwhich all seams between 2 pieces of flat bar & 
> try again.
> We live, & hopefully learn from our mistakes.
> Assuming I can get beyond the the next 24 hours! Can anyone out there 
> shed any light on, a) biogas from pure chicken droppings, ie from 
> layers in cages.
> b) I desparately need a way to remove the excess water from the 
> slurry. (For the moment lets assume that cost is not a problem).
> Any & all ideas would be most appreciated.
> I do not have access to spare land, so lagoons or sun drying is out, 
> nor can I get sufficient vegitative, grass, etc
> Please help
> Frans
> Swaziland
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