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> Why? Michael Pollan has said that marijuana growers have contributed  
> more to horticultural science knowledge than any other area of hort.  
> science.

> The only parts that may not be helpful are the parts that make it  
> necessary to do it secretively....that is what leads to the destruction  
> of houses, unfortunately.  Still--they have climate control (temperature  
> and light) down to a state-of-the-art science and that is the hurdle in  
> growing plants indoors.

The "destruction" of houses as a result of grow-ops and meth labs was  
enough of an issue that Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp
(a Federal org responsible for all matters related to housing in Canada )  
produced a publication on the subject:


The "temperaure and light" part of "climate control" by the grow-oppers is  
It's the moisture management (to ensure the health of the building) that  
they (the grow-oppers) are clueless on and that is the major problem.

As for the student who wants to design a gardening system for urban  
environments, I would suggest that he first familiarise himself with what  
it is that plants require in order to thrive and how he intended to  
provide those necessities.

Then I would suggest that he make a trip into the parts of the core-area  
where poorer, newly-arrived immigrants first settle
and take notes on how they manage to create surprisingly productive  
gardens out of pretty much nothing in the residual spaces.

Then the student should be better prepared (ie have an understanding of  
what it is he's trying to create) for the task of designing a gardening  

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