[Greenbuilding] rooftop or apartment gardening

Clarke Olsen colsen at fairpoint.net
Mon Apr 11 15:12:14 PDT 2011

Interesting idea: window boxes needn't be limited to the width of the  
window. They could easily project beyond the sides of
the opening, so from a 36" wide window one could farm a 60" to 72"  
wide box.
Clarke Olsen
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On Apr 11, 2011, at 3:51 PM, JOHN SALMEN wrote:

> I’ve had to look at humidity issues for indoor pools, indoor  
> gardens, living walls -  and it is a really difficult issue to deal  
> with.  Plants (especially food plants) need moisture and they  
> transpire so you have two choices. One is to maintain a moist  
> environment to reduce transpiration rates or to water heavily and  
> ventilate heavily. So the growing environment needs to be made of  
> materials that can handle moisture and has some antifungal  
> properties – our living environments (including soft furnishings,  
> clothing, etc.) are not made of these materials so there is a big  
> conflict.  Our health is also compromised by excessive humidity.
> So, ideally you isolate the growing environment from the living  
> environment and accomplishing that in an urban environment (without  
> greenspace, roofspace or deckspace) is difficult.  Food production  
> also requires a lot of human energy that I have found people have a  
> hard time maintaining.
> I like collective gardening approaches where some local greenspace  
> or roofspace is shared in some way. In my community I have found  
> people that are much better at growing things than I am so I  
> support them.
> That said – I like window boxes – miniature greenhouses that hang  
> out (or in) and replace an existing window.  A 3x4 window using the  
> square foot gardening approach on two layers can have about 60  
> foodplants in production. Easy to isolate and can be heated with  
> ventilation exhaust and could even be vented to a HWHP.
> John
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