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Comment Re: “A battle over green” by Mark
Harrington (Newsday, 4/24/11)

< http://www.newsday.com/long-island/lipa-rebat


"The LI Power
Authority's former Watchdog, Gordian Raacke's statement "I don't think
it's wrong that it's charged by usage. Someone who uses three times as much as
the average user will pay three times more" is a bit misleading because
all-electric homes enjoy lower rates. We have an all-electric, house with no
solar roof, windmill or wood burning stove or fireplace, yet Balanced Billing
Budget is only $241/month -- because electric hot water heat is now cheaper
than oil. Gordian was one the first on Long Island to install a GFX (www.gfxtechnology.com). Therefore, our
house is greener than most because our solar-ready, tankless-electric hot water
heating system is far more efficient that the tankless-oil system it replaced
in 1996; the year we stopped burning about 700 gallons of oil --- today worth
over $2800. Don't take my word for it; see recent electric bill @ www.gfxtechnology.com/Combi.html"Varmine

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