[Greenbuilding] firewood moisture content - a question for Norbert perhaps

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On Mon, 12 Dec 2011 12:39:56 -0500, Stronzo di Nord  wrote:
> The following table in a timber eng text (and attributed to source  
> Canadian Wood Council) listing typical equilibrium moisture contents  
> (EMC) in Canada, for the We(s)t Coast might be a good guide for  
> wood-burners
> 		Average		Winter		Summer
> 		EMC			EMC			EMC
> Indoors			10-11			8			12
> Outdoors	15-16			18			13

Just in case it wasn't absolutely clear, the above EMC values were for the  
West Coast of Canada.

The EMC values for the Canadian Prairies, Central Canada and the East  
Coast will be different and unique to those locales.

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