[Greenbuilding] low flow shower heads

Nick Pyner npyner at tig.com.au
Sat May 14 17:27:25 PDT 2011

Hopefully, their advise will be that your client could be a lot more
socially, environmentally, and morally responsible by reducing his water
consumption in the shower by about 80%, thereby instantly reducing his
chances of running out of hot water by the same amount.

That is probably all he needs to do, and he should jump into his petrol
powered Landcruiser and rush down to his local plumbing supply this very
morning, and rectify the problem straight away.

Nick Pyner

Dee Why   NSW

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  Steve, Reuben & Richard: Last week I received a call from the owner of a
mult-head shower drawing 15 gpm    What would your advice have been?

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