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And to put it even into more perspective - man's activities will only cause
a temperature increase of 3-5 deg K against a background of 300 deg K only a
percent or so. Completely insignificant unless like 40% of the world's
population you will be subject to having your home flooded or you happen to
live where the other 60% do and you will be welcoming that 40% to camp in
your backyard! 




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On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 1:04 PM, lee Weaver <lgweaver at gmail.com> wrote:

>global warming.

Ok i give up this has now devolved to a topic that I know I have no chance
of talking my way out of.

but I will say this.  just take a peek at how small a percentage of the
total CO produced on the planet is man made.  hint the vast majority comes
from volcanoes.

man isn't significantly contributing.

Who was talking about CO? 

Or did you mean CO2? 

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