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Volcanoes are a half to a third of the methane production from livestock and
I think methane is about 20x (gwp) than co2. Which would mean that volcanoes
are pretty low on the list compared to cows (unless they are grazing under a

Not sure how that relates to low flow shower heads but definite relief for
my head to upload some statistics loaded into memory and make room for some


Here is one I just find out as a result of thinking about the above and
needing a work diversion. This email may be the equivalent of .3 grams of
co2 (or about driving 3') or about .15% of a cows daily methane production
in grams or about 666 emails per cow per day - which being the number of the
beast would seem appropriate.


Forget about showers - how about low-flow email and a vegetarian diet....

Working at home and showering rarely is about the only brownie points I get
on this one.


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"Our studies show that globally, volcanoes on land and under the sea release
a total of about 200 million tonnes of CO2 annually. 

This seems like a huge amount of CO2, but a visit to the U.S. Department of
Energy's Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) website
(http://cdiac.ornl.gov/) helps anyone armed with a handheld calculator and a
high school chemistry text put the volcanic CO2 tally into perspective.
Because while 200 million tonnes of CO2 is large, the global fossil fuel CO2
emissions for 2003 tipped the scales at 26.8 billion tonnes. Thus, not only
does volcanic CO2 not dwarf that of human activity, it actually comprises
less than 1 percent of that value." 

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