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John Salmen terrain at shaw.ca
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Sounds like fun - Having students and time you might want to consider end
grain floor (basically 2x offcuts). Little more durable and integrity than
the plywood (ply veneers wear badly) and can be left unfinished - also can
be reclaimed from construction sites. Used it in the entrance to a
restaurant as well as a few homes. One other option that used to be trendy
was mdf panels or strips with stain (or natural) with clearcoat. 
Here is a link with a pic of the end grain blocks

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I'm leading a small team of students to do furniture and interior design for
a local internet cafe that is opening up. They came to us because they have
a tiny budget. My university gets grants to help local businesses, and we
work for cheap.
The existing floor mostly maple and oak, is in bad shape, with a lot of
holes and other damage. There is also a 1" or so level change where there
was a wall. My two ideas so far are in the links below.The first could
possibly bridge the level change and would definitely cover the holes.
 I was trying to find a floor I saw in another store that seemed to be
rough-sanded lumber, with no appearance of any finish at all. I couldn't
find it, but the second link is close.
Any comments on my ideas, or have any other recommendations?




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