[Greenbuilding] Toxic Materials in Roof Runoff

John Salmen terrain at shaw.ca
Tue Aug 12 08:30:17 MDT 2014

Well it looks like it was epa and regional gov funding. What I am confused
about is the scope and relevance of the study. I have read many studies
(many cited in this one) that yes have found comparable levels of leaching
and yes point to the problems of lead, cadmium and zinc runoff. So my
reaction was - well we do know that....

The study did look at PAH and phthalates but seemed to dismiss the levels as
minor or not quantifiable and did not review built up roofs or membrane
roofs and did not look at adhesives, etc. which may in the long term pose
greater risk - even at low concentrations.

Study did not look at aged materials (samples were all new) which I think is
crucial for evaluating PAH.

I am encouraged to see a study that focuses on the wetness of my region (bit
saddened that BC takes little role in this). 

I have looked at roofs for a long time as they both define a house
(protection from elements) and its impact (modifying those elements). 

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> since they collected samples in stainless steel pots, I'm inclined to 
> think stainless steel roofing is the least toxic choice. Anyone agree 
> or disagree?

Yes, I disagree.

Glass roofing would be the least toxic choice. It's chemically inert and
lasts forever.

As for the study, although I didn't have a real close look at it, from what
I did see, it struck me as being one that I'd not be inclined to lend much
credence to.

I can't help but have the suspicion that the study was bought and paid for
by stakeholders who have something to lose by the increasing market share
that metal roofing is taking away from ... well, you know.

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