[Greenbuilding] Article: Would you live in a house made of sand and bacteria?

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> I don't understand the biodegradability claim. Not sure how long it  
> would last as foundations, maybe better suited for >walls.

Except for those who fell for the claims made by the purveyors of those  
bass-ackwards ICF  systems, here on this side of the pond, very few people  
make the walls of their low-rise/non-multiple unit homes out of concrete,  
so I'm guessing that's what the "bio-degradabilty claim" is about -- the  
use of concrete in LR/non-MURBs is primarily in below/at-grade  
applications .

This UK student's material reminds me very much of the  
mycelium-based-binder building blocks to which Sacie posted a link  
recently (within the past year ?) , the story being about an Murrican  
professor's company that was in the process of bringing her product to  

IIRC, it too utilised urea to encourage the microbes to do their stuff and  
I seem to recall thinking that that was one of the issues that bothered me  
at the time.

ie Unless one is situated near a large cluster of fratboys whose constant  
kegger parties can provide a perpetual stream of urine, it's likely that  
the required urea would be sourced from some process where large amounts  
of ammonia is a by-product. Perhaps that explains why it is a university  
student and a university professor who stumbled upon these  
construction-oriented mycelium ? (ie fratboy proximity)

The possible environmental impacts of ammonia are not trivial, as bad or  
worse than that due to the production of Portland cement for concrete.

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whatever has been required of it. It appears that all the fuss about MS  
dropping support of Win XP was as over-hyped as the Y2K fuss.

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